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Finding the best wood lathe for money in 2021 can be very hard due to so many factors, and it can also confuse the woodturners to pick any one of them. You can easily find many wood lathes available on the internet, but do you know which one is the best fit for you. Do you know which can offer the best value for its price? You might not! If you decide in a hurry, you might get your hands on a wood lathe that could betray you after some time.

That is why it is essential to buy the best wood lathe for the money that could serve you long, fulfilling all of your woodturning needs. As a wood lathe is one of the most important things to start with your woodturning journey, you would not want to compromise on it. To make things easier for you, I have grabbed some of the best wood lathes for the money that you can find on the internet so that you won’t have to spend hours in stores finding the best one for your needs.

What to look for when buying Wood Lathe for the money?

If you think you can use just any lathe from a store and it will do the job, then you are unquestionably wrong. Some specific but crucial things need to be taken care of while buying a wood lathe. Let’s check what those things are!

  • Construction: One of the worst things that the woodturners face with their lathes is that they start to get rusty from different parts. Not only that, but those lathes also start to break down, causing troubles for the woodturners. That is why it is better to check their quality and durability before buying.
  • Motor strength: Higher the HP of the motor, the better you will be able to turn the wood. If you are willing to take only small projects, you can pick a lathe with meager HP, but if you want to turn big projects, it is better to get a robust lathe.
  • Size support: Size support defines the maximum size of the wood piece you can place on your lathe. It depends on your preferences to pick the best size as per your needs and projects.

The top 7 best wood lathe for the money to get right now!

I think it is pretty enough to know what you should look for when buying a wood lathe. So let’s actually get started with our list and check which one can be the most excellent fit for your woodturning needs!

The Best Wood Lathes For The Money

Powermatic is unquestionably one of the best brands to offer you great wood lathes. That is why you will be able to see various lathes of Powermatic in this lathe. Other than that, this lathe can indeed be used professionally. But you will also have to go all out with your budget as this variant offers premium features and specifications to the woodturners. If we talk about the specifications of this wood lathe, Powermatic has integrated one of the most powerful motors in this variant as there is a 3HP motor integrated into it. This much power can easily handle massive chunks of wood, and you will certainly not face any difficulties while woodturning.

If you are planning to opt for big projects, then this lathe can be the perfect fit for you. Aside from that, the RPM controls of this lathe are also pretty good and convenient. Users can control the RPM and check the rate right from the lathe and adjust it just as they want. The overall construction of this lathe is also very fascinating, and you will not have to face any problems with its durability. There are many spindle locking positions available in this lathe so that h users can adjust the wood pieces as per their likings.

Key Features

We previously discussed a massively influential wood lathe, so why not discuss one that can be easily accessible by everyone? If you do not want to really spend that much and want something that can do the best jobs within a budget price, then this lathe can be good for you. This lathe offers some good features and specifications that make it worth it for its price. There is a 3/4HP Motor integrated into it to offer the best possible efficiency while you turn the wood. This motor runs of single phase with 110 Volts, so keep that in mind before getting your hands on this variant. As for the RPM, woodturners can adjust It as they want without any restrictions or limitations.

The size support of this lathe is pretty standard, as you can find on the internet. The maximum size that you can put on this lathe is about 14″ x20″. This size is undoubtedly not enough for the big projects, but it is still a good fit for those who only want a lathe for medium and small-sized projects. If you are a beginner, it will be an even more excellent choice to go for this to gain experience and learn new different things. The design and construction of this lathe are also pretty eye-catchy. Because of its meager size, it is also portable, and you can place it anywhere you want. But it is a good idea to put it on a smooth surface to avoid vibration and other problems.

Key Features

If you are planning to buy something that is not too cheap and neither too expensive, then Jet has the perfect solution for you! The Jet JWL-1840VS is an excellent woodturning lathe that comes with some awesome features that can enhance your woodturning journey. This lathe comes with a potent and robust motor of 2HP. As this lathe also supports full-sized projects, this much power can work well in most cases. The best thing is, there is RPM adjustability available in this lathe, and users can adjust it as per their projects. The RPM adjustability ranges from 40 to 3200 RPM, and it can be done right from the lathe.

As I have stated earlier, this wood lathe can also support big projects with ease. If we talk about the exact size supported by this lathe, it is 18″ x40″. You can easily give your thoughts an actual shape with this lathe and with the availability of excellent size support. Another great thing that Jet has done here is that they have offered four mounted legs with this lathe so that the woodturners won’t have to find a bench for it. Another great thing is, you can adjust the height of the lathe as you want and according to your project.

Key Features

Let me first tell you, this lathe is not that expensive as the previous variant. You will undoubtedly be able to get your hands on it without spending extra money. Still, it can be a perfect lathe for woodturners who are looking for an all-in-one lathe with almost all of the needed features. The highlight of this wood lathe is that there are 24 indexing positions available in this lathe. Very few lathes offer this many indexing positions to the woodturners that can really make their work hard. But with this many, you will surely be able to place the wood pieces as you want. Instead of integrating a mighty motor, Powermatic has done a great job to save some bucks here for the woodturners by going for a 1HP motor which is indeed enough for most of the projects.

The RPM of this lathe can also be adjusted. You can adjust it anywhere between the ranges provided, and there will be no problems when you run it at any speed. Other than that, the brand has also taken care of comfort and such features to offer the perfect experience to the woodturners. The lathe handles are designed ergonomically so that the woodturners can feel relaxed whenever they use them. The best thing is, this wood lathe is very stable due to its outstanding construction and durability and does not produce much vibration while working.


Key Features

You might now be thinking that why is here another Grizzly lathe in this list, right? Well, the reason behind it is that Grizzly produces some great lathes in all budgets that can make things easier for the woodturners. If we talk about this Grizzly Industrial H8259, it is a perfect fit for those who are looking or searching for the best wood lathe for the money in a limited budget. It comes with a ½ HP motor that runs on 110 volts and a single phase. It is undoubtedly not that powerful but can be suitable for small projects and detailing for beginners or amateurs in the learning phase.

This lathe is the best fit for the ones who only go for small projects because it is tiny in size and can also offer good portability. The maximum size support of this lathe is only 10″ x18″, which is unquestionably very small even for medium-sized projects. Other than that, the features of this lathe are not very complicated and can be easily understood by anyone. All of the things and controls are integrated right on the front so that users won’t have to face difficulties while controlling this lathe.

Key Features

Here is another best wood lathe for the money to offer great value. This lathe is, of course, not capable of handling big wood pieces, but if you want to turn small pieces with convenience and without much hassle, it is a great choice. This lathe is equipped with a 550W motor that comes with variable speed. As for the RPM goes, users can also control it and adjust it as per their requirements. The RPM can be adjusted between 500 and 3800, which is very good for a lathe in this price range.

Because of the cast iron construction, this lathe offers very smooth operation to the users without any hassles. This is great if we check its size because it is minimal and can be easily used anywhere around your workshop. The size support of this lathe is limited to 12″ x18,” and you cannot fix anything above that limit. So if you want to turn bowls or similar-sized objects, this lathe can serve you well.

Key Features

Well, we cannot stop ourselves from adding another Grizzly lathe to this list because they are just too good if you are finding the best wood lathe for the money. This specific variant can easily handle medium, and some big-sized projects as the size support of this lathe is about 22″ x42″. If you are also looking for a powerful experience, then this lathe can also offer you the best experience due to the outstanding 3HP motor integrated into it. This motor runs on the 220Vots and 3 phases without any issues. The best thing is, variable speed option is also available in this lathe. If you want to keep your lathe at the lowest speed possible, you can set it on 100 RPM; if you want to consume its most, you will have to run it on 3200 RPM.

This lath also comes with its support, and you will certainly not have to look out for different supports for it to work correctly. If you like to work on a table, you can still unscrew the base and integrate it on the table as per your preferences for the best productivity. The spindle indexing available in this lathe is 10 degrees, and you can also use it in both ways, forward and backward.

Key Features

Best Wood Lathes For The Money Buyers Guide & FAQ’s

Should I spend a good amount of money even if I am a beginner?

If you can, why not! Expensive lathes can indeed change your point of view of woodturning as they offer more features and functions that can help you out in your woodturning career.


Is it hard to use a lathe?

Actually, no! It is pretty simple to use a lathe. You need to learn different techniques and ways to help you pull out the results you want.


Can I turn any material other than wood on the lathes mentioned above?

The lathes mentioned above are specifically designed for wood. That is why it is better not to use any other material on it, or otherwise, you might have to face a heavy loss.


Final Verdict

After checking out all the top variants mentioned above, you must have picked the best lathe for the money to offer you excellent service. So do not forget to use it well and try out various new things that can help you furnish your future in this beautiful field.

Best Wood Lathe For The Money [Review]

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