Best Wood Turning Bowl Projects

Best Wood Turning Bowl Projects

Using a lathe, several wooden crafts have been turned and shaped into symmetric objects like pens, bowls, vessels and furnitures.  This turning is achieved using diverse tools for cutting, shaving and grooving the wood pieces into desired designs or shapes. Aesthetic objects are made using the turning tools available with the lathe made possible by its uniqueness, power and versatility. One of such objects made as projects by both beginners, hobbiests and professional turners is the bowl.

Making wooden bowls out of a log may be really, easy and exciting since there may be a very reduced cutting and gluing. The natural texture and colour of the wood give it every beauty it needs to shine. As soon as the basic knowledge on how a lathe is used properly is attained, it becomes a very interesting and  satisfying venture. Constantly practicing, a turner begins to enjoy the craft as it gives a chance to create beauty and value.

Most turners make bowls as their foremost project because it is easy and very versatile. Some woodworkers, however, stand out in the craft owing to their choice design and experience. Turners who turn plain-looking bowls with outstanding aesthetics, standard and groves most times become Kings of the craft. Does the choice of wood to be used affect bowl turning outcomes? Are some bowl projects considered ‘best’? Why?

Best Wood turning bowl projects

There are countless bowl projects available across the globe and to name a project ‘best’ depends on several factors. How uniquely made, how outstanding, choice of wood to be used and aesthetics are some of the indicators that make bowls projects standout. Projects like the hemispherical bowl, sunrise bowl, ruffle bowl, cube illusion wooden bowl and winged bowl are some of these dynamic projects.

These turners ‘broke’ rules; became creative and innovative and thought out of the box without following certain conventions. From the choice of wood to be used by the turnner and skill, one can tell how outstanding the outcome will be. Since bowls are among the most commonly turned wooden material, wood turners become outstanding by being unique.

To turn a sunrise bowl, for example, adding contrasts and opting for the appropriate wood piece makes it stand out. Using a walnut piece and a carefully sliced Marple piece as tampered wedges to be glued to the walnut as contrast. During turning, the walnut regular dark or light brown or red colour becomes pronounced amidst the Marple. When the turning is completed and appropriate sanding and an orange paste wax finishing is done, the beauty appears.

The sunrise bowl project remains a very outstanding work of art in turning history. In my opinion, however, what remains ‘the best wood turning project’ is the Impossibowl. It is very intriguing as the processes are unique coupled with the outstanding technique and ideas put forth. Ranging from the ‘Handled bowl’ and ‘Vessel in a Bowl’  all made from Huon Pines to the ‘Flood bowl’ made from Jacaranda bowl crafts remains incredible!

To be specific, the most outstanding bowl craft turned by woodwork artists in recent times is the ‘Impossibowl’. This is so since every woodturner will agree that such a bowl is a product of extreme creativity and skill. Anyone familiar with how bowls are turned on spinning lathe and tools carefully used to clear the interior will puzzle. This ‘impossible bowl’ as the name ‘impossibowl’ suggests was made possible combining expertise and creativity and it is the BEST wood turning bowl project!

What wood type is best for bowl turnings

Every wood type is very unique in some sense, being that they are distinct in textures and colours. Woods are naturally beautiful because it can be turned into incredible artifacts for offices, homes or even used as ornaments.  To turners, woods are treasures since within it lies beautiful  grains or colours that may be surprising as they unfold. To turn a perfect bowl, certain wood types are preferable considering their hardness and even durability.

Some turners have a saying that ‘All woods are equal,  but some woods are more equal than the others. This is said to mean that certain wood types are of priority while turning certain crafts.  For a wooden bowl, turners prefer the following wood;

  1. a) Walnut: Apart from its occasional purple hue, the walnut wood could posses other contrasting colours like red, light brown or dark brown and this appears very beautiful when turned. Bowls made with the heartwood from walnut wood may often times display diverse natural blends and designs. The sunrise bowl is a product of the walnut wood giving it light and dark shades.
  2. b) Cherry : The cherry wood has varied grains in terms of colour either turning out as purely red or subtly reddish brown. It is used for very high quality bowl and furniture carvings and turnings. It is not difficult to turn or finish.
  3. c) Beech: This happens to be one of the mostly uses wood for bowl making by turners. This is because it tends to produce light tan colored bowl after finishing. Most times, it could add some reddish colouring to the finished work.
  4. d) Maple : Lastly, among diverse available wood pieces used by turners, the maple sapwood appears creamy white in color with some reddish brown colourings that may sometimes appear to be reddish-brown or dull red. Wood workers consider the piece very durable and the best choice to create contrast in bowl turnings.

The Bottom line.

Wood turning for hobbiests, begginers and professionals demands  creativity and a skilled ability to maximize the functionalities of the lathe. Like world-class turners,  it is important to turn wood pieces with outstanding technique alongside a special idea of innovation.  One must however not put off the importance of a suitable wood while turning a bowl. Using the appropriate wood is as important as having the operational know-how for turning. Continuous practice, to a large extent, results in reduced time for sanding and more outputs – also if you are looking for the best wood lathes for turning large bowls then check out this article.

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