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Grizzly g0766 Wood Lathe Review

Woodworkers and turning enthusiasts refer to the lathe as the “Mother of all tools” because of its place in the woodworking industry. Wood lathes remain very important for woodworks since the making cutting and turnings of distinct materials easy. Every turner most definitely desire a convenient and really functional machine to turn wood pieces. This desire and the availability of diverse other lathes have rendered many confused over what choice to make.

High-quality lathes like the ‘beast’ Grizzly g0766 variable speed lathe are however powerful and promises convenience. It becomes the preferred when there is a need for the best full size wood lathe. Having numerous clearance and torque, roughing out pieces is made convenient since the machine run on slower speed. Also, turning wood pieces is made very easy as the headstock can turn up to 180 degrees.

Lathes are generally very essential tools for woodworkers as they are used to smoothen wood surfaces, deform, drill, turn and finish wood works.  The heavy duty and floor standing Grizzly g0766 lathe comes in perfect for project of variable kinds. It has special characteristics like pivoting, variable speed, sliding, headstock with several other accessories to meet turning needs. This machine is very a very suitable tool for large-diameter turnings and operations on wood pieces. If you are looking for a lathe under 2000 dollars check out the world of woodturning buyers guide

Grizzly g0766 Wood Lathe Overall

A vast majority of turners consider this machine stable and strong enough having a base made of cast iron. The cast iron adds to the lathe remarkable functionality and power. The iron, is however a very larger metal, accounting for the much desired durability to the machine as it full protection. Even as vibration is possible at reduced pace, this does not limit the operation of the tool as an added weight from the machine assures it’s stability.

This stable base and the lathe weight at 584 pounds reduces the vibration effect of the machine on the material being turned. As a well balancing lathe, the machine becomes seamless to operate on woodworks either small or large. This wood lathe machine also proves to be very powerful with a 3HP motor. It however has a variable speed ranging  between 100 to 3200 RPM.

For this high tech machine, effecting a change in speed is made simple since the turner have no business in fiddling with the belts. To add, the Grizzly g0766VS also has a swing over bed of about 22in.. Attempting to switch speed. This machine has 16-inches from the bed and comes with a tachometer bearing allowing the turner make switches from 600 rpm to 3400 rpm easily as speed the readout shows the variations in the speed.

As an experienced woodturner or beginner, you must be on the know there are several other lathes available in the tool market. What stands this machine out have been clearly stated in this review.



  • Varied number of spindle speed
  • It weighs about 584 pounds
  • An average size being at 22 x 42 inch
  • Has 3 HP motor (3-phase)
  • Possesses a total of 220 volts.
  • swing over bed
  • It is 24.2 x 69 x 24 inches in dimension
  • swing over tool rest base
  • 16in swing over tool rest
  • distance between centers
  • A headstock spindle at1-1/4 inch x 8 inch
  • Floor to centre height remaining at 46-½ — 46-⅞
  • Included Components: Power-metal-lathes.


  • The full size Grizzly g0766 lathe comes with a sealed bearing which are permanently lubricated.
  • This machine is designed to switch speed from low-speed range of 100 to 1200 RPM to a very high-speed range of 100-3200 RPM.
  • It has accessories like spur centre, cupped live centre,  knock out tool,  face plate 6* and indexing pin.
  • It has a digital readout for spindle RPM to control speed.
  • The lathe’s single-phase frequency drive enables variable control of speed.
  • The Grizzly g0766vs has a tailstock, headstock.
  • The machine’s tool rest support possesses a lever-action cam locks for easy positioning.
  • It has a very stable base cast-iron for support.
  • A forward/reverse spindle control is attached
  • 10-degree spindle indexing
  • TPI RH Spindle is 1-1/4inch
  • The tailstock barrel travel is 4-1/4 inch.
  • Low speed range of 100–1200 RPM and high speed range of 330–3200 RPM
  • Electronic variable-speed control with digital spindle-speed indicator
  • Headstock rotates 180° and positions anywhere along the bed
  • Single-phase frequency drive provides three-phase variable-speed control without three-phase power
  • 10º spindle indexing
  • Tailstock, headstock, and tool rest support have lever-action cam locks for quick positioning
  • Forward/reverse spindle control
  • 4-1/4″ tailstock barrel travel

The Summary of Top Feature

This machine comes along with a 3 Horse power motor that supplies regular, accurate and very rotational speed for all types of woodturnings. It also has a very outstanding highlevel precision due to its highly powered motors that provides enough torque. The Grizzly g0766 is also an extremely versatile lathe that supporta proficiency and is highly demanded in the market today.


  • This lathe machine has a powerful 3 HP motor for heavier projects.
  • It comes with variable speeds.
  • Solid iron cast construction.
  • Good speed control.
  • Its weight helps to minimize vibration.
  • This lathe comes with adequate horsepower and voltage.


  • It has a very high vibration rate.
  • It is relatively very expensive
  • Failure may be experienced using the speed knob especially while running at higher speeds.
  • Grizzly g0766vs tool rest base is very short especially for larger turnings.


Wrapping up

For workshops, several types and brands of wood turning lathes are required. This demand may however vary in size and power depending on the work load. The Grizzly g0766 is produce as an high tech machine with a speed ranging up to 3400 rpm. This speed is very important when woodworks like carving, deforming, and doing other turning projects is concerned. The large size Grizzly g0766 fills in this need for efficiency.

This lathe alongside its accessories is largely recommended for workshops and large diameter turnings.  This brand stands out among other large lathes owing to its distinctive build and specifications.