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Grizzly G0838 Wood Lathe Review

While sourcing for a lathe for your turning need, you’re probably going to place convenience, durability, versatility, and high efficiency at the top of your desired features. Every turning enthusiast, beginner, or professional turner needs a great lathe for a wide range of woodwork. Getting a perfect lathe may be difficult since there are diverse lathe models available in the market. The Grizzly G0838 stands out among others. WHY?

This model does not just have highly functional features. But, it is also built with the turner’s convenience at heart. This small but efficient lathe machine comes in perfect for turning woodworks of variable kinds. Using the Grizzly G0838 for your turnings is a guarantee for effortless wood smoothening, turning, drilling, deforming, and finishing. The Grizzly 0838 is suitable for spinning woodworks within five diameter and operations on pieces of wood.

Grizzly G0838 Overview

This machine runs with a 2 Horse Power motor operated in three phases on 720 overall rotation per minute (RPM). Its powers are transferred through a belt drive while the machine bearings are permanently lubricated and sealed. It is a model considered by many turners to be stable with its power as it supplies regular and accurate speed for diverse turnings. The Grizzly 0838 passes as a very functional lathe providing extra torque for operation.

Grizzly G0838 has a headstock control area with a spindle RPM readout that helps turners keep track of the spindle speed. It also comes with an adjustable spindle speed dial that helps regulate speed levels within the pulley belt position. The machine also has a power switch and emergency button that puts down the control panel and motor automatically when triggered.

Many a turner classify this machine as top among its category owing to these outstanding features. The machine controls and locks belt tension through the belt tension lever ( helping to regulate belt tension) and a belt tension lock handle that puts belt tension in place. This novel device has a spindle and tailstock with the MT2 tapper and a 1″ x 8TPI spindle thread size.

The lathe has both its bed width and faceplate size at 16 inches. The machine tool rest has 12inch width, a 1inch post diameter. It also comes with a 2-1/8 inches post length and a 2-1/8 base height. The lathe is constructed with mostly cast iron giving it stability and durability. This stability assures the turner of reduced vibration and high functionality.

There is a 24inch distance between centers and an 11-1/2inch swing over tool rest. Its swing over the bed is 16inch, while the lathe spindle speed ranges from 100-1300 and 150-3200. It Indicates that the lathe runs on a variable speed option at either high or low. This means that the turner is given total control over the lathe to monitor and control speed and even bring the machine to an automatic stop during emergencies.

Grizzly G0838 also comes with accessories such as a 6inch faceplate, live center, spur center, tool holder, and indexing pin, as well as a knock-out tool. The Grizzly G0838 models 16″ x 24″ variable speed wood lathe weighs about 388 lbs.

Grizzly G0838 Specifications

  • Variable spindle speed
  • The machine’s overall size L x W x H is 45 x 23 x 21inch
  • It has a 2HP motor running on 3-phase
  • The overall dimension of the lathe is 60-1/2″L x 23-1/2″W x 48H
  • The machine footprint is 16″ W and 42-1/2″ L.
  • Grizzly G0838 has a digital spindle speed reader
  • The machine power requirement remains 240V, single-phase, 60Hz.
  • Machine motor power 3-phased 2HP, 220V, 5.6A
  • This lathe has an MT2 spindle and tailstock taper.



  • This device is made of heavy cast iron, which improves stability
  • The machine runs on a reduced vibration
  • There is an inbuilt tool holder
  • This lathe machine rotates both forward and backward.
  • The product includes in its package six faceplates and a live center.
  • Its bearings are permanently lubricated and sealed.
  • The lathe has reversed and forward spindle speed control
  • Its 4 feet base is stable since it is made of cast iron.
  • Digital Spindle Speed Indicator
  • Spindle Low-Speed Range 100–1300 RPM
  • Spindle High-Speed Range 150–3200 RPM
  • Forward and Reverse Turning
  • Cam Lock Adjustments for Fast and Easy Changes


The Summary of Top Feature

The Grizzly G0838 variable speed lathe machine is constructed with a 2 Horsepower motor that supplies constant, ranging, accurate and suitable speed for different woodwork types and turnings. It is considered to have enough torque due to its highly powered motor that gives the machine a matching and outstanding precision. The Grizzly g0838 is also known to be very a highly versatile lathe that is designed by ISO 9001 Factory to support maximum functionality, proficiency, and usability. It is a highly sought-after wood lathe product among most professional turners.



  • It is a very versatile lathe machine.
  • The device is durable since it is made of cast iron
  • Its blades are long-lasting and will not easily fade
  • It has a powerful
  • motor that works at variable speed
  • The lathe Horsepower and Voltage can suitable run and power the machine



  • Extremely loud when in use.
  • Unsuitable for certain wood turnings.
  • It is relatively heavy and difficult to convey.
  • It is a heavy-duty machine, and it consumes excess power and as such not suitable for beginners and hobbyists

Wrapping Up

A lathe is an indispensable tool to every woodturner. This is because every woodturner uses it to perform a vast majority of turning tasks. It is the mother of all work tools. Securing a highly functional and reliable lathe for your workshop may sometimes be difficult and stressful. But, the Grizzly G0838 16″ x 24″ model makes work easy for you. This Variable speed lathe is a powerful machine suitable for industrial turnings. It is a highly functional device with unmatched capacities when compared to other lathe products in the same range. Although it can get faulty when used wrongly, it is still a versatile and convenient tool to use.