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NOVA 1624 II Wood Lathe Review

Selecting a suitable wood lathe for woodworks is a very vital exercise for every turner.  In this process, not only is the unique features of the machine considered but, the purpose, size, functionality, compatibility and price is also looked at. Since it is relatively impossible for a lathe to fit all woodworks, one’s choice of the most efficient becomes crucial. Your turning needs and long term goals must match your pocket and workspace available.

The NOVA 1624 II lathe is a powerful lathe built to standard as an improvement to its twin machine. Improved, the NOVA 1624 II lathe is a mini lathe yet having really incredible capabilities. It is solid and durable since most of its castings are done with strong cast iron, making the lathe have minimal vibration while running. If you are looking for a lathe under 1000 Dollars check out the article linked.


NOVA 1624 II Wooden lathe Overall

The Machine runs on an average  1.5  Horsepower (1,120W), 230V induction motor distributing enough of power to run bigger turnings. Also, this high performing machine has a pulley system offering a superb option 8 speeds reducing belt changes stress.  its 178rpm low speed helps woodpiece of  large diameter turnings perfect; as the 3000 high speed suits smaller turning like pens projects.

This lathe is good for turnings ranging from 16″ diameter with a length at most 610mm (24″) long.  For this reason,  turning wooden bowls, small table parts and platters on this machine comes out best. To have a 360° swivelling head, it is possible to turn bigger pieces seamlessly, this is possible using an afixed bowl turning attachment. This compact lathe also has a switch, safety off button and reversing switch, making wood sanding safer and effortless.

The Cam action levers of the lathe makes adjustments fast and easy as rubber grips allows good ergonomics.This product has already gained preference in the USA as it is a lathe with less stress one can hold on to.  To many turners, these features associated with NOVA 1624 II remains ideal for a result oriented workshop considering its versatility.

The machine has a cam lock controls for more stability, function and  capacity. This machine is built with the capacity to last for a longer period of turning time and working duration. No doubt however a greater holding capacity of 16″/400mm inboard, 29″/740mm Outboard 24″/600mm Between centers, fully extendable beds -(optional accessory) 20″/500mm per segment to go as far as desired

Unlike other devices at this range, the Grizzly remains very ceap and easy to improve its capacity. It is incredibly very versatile having the capacity and power  to handle project within its diameter and compact area. This lathe is unlimited as projects as tiny as a pen to really  long and large spindle works can be handled. By its size,  it is considered very sizable and as such can fit conveniently into a small workshop space.

With its reversible motor feature, it helps in finishing and serves as a relief for left handed turners. This Nova product stands out when bowl turning is concerned.  It is considered the only lathe in its capacity with similar swivel head and outrigger for bowls turnings up to 29″. The NOVA 1624 II produces more power, reduced speeds and the capacity to handle big bowls. To peak its capacity, the compact machine has a better speed range: 8 Speeds, 214rpm to 3600rpm (USA) also, 178-3000 rpm (rest of world) with low speed needed for bowl turnings



  • NOVA smart accessories – lathe accessories are common between the models. Money invested in accessories isn’t wasted if you upgrade your NOVA lathe
  • 360° Swivel head – position work where you want it, makes your turning more comfortable and saves you workshop space
  • Spindle Lock and 24 Division Index
  • Heavy Duty Bearings
  • Long reach toolslides, designed to take advantage for the extra capacity the NOVA lathes offer. These feature easy-grip rubber handles.
  • Extendable Beds – make your lathe as long as your project requires, without having permanently taken up workshop room! (Additional Accessory item)
  • Quick Action Cam Controls – precisely adjust to your requirements, fast
  • Large range of accessories
  • True Swivel head – easy on the back and allows Turner to operate in a compact working area – great for those who need extra workshop space.
  • Superior bowl turning performance, the only lathe in its segment with a true swivel head & outrigger for bowls up to 29”. Nova 1624 has more power, lower speeds and the capacity to handle really large bowls
  • Cast iron throughout for rock solid performance
  • Heavy duty bearings for smooth running and long life
  • Head swivels 360° saving workshop space
  • Locks at any position; indexed at 0°, 22°, 45° and 90°
  • Reverse switch for sanding and finer finishing
  • 24 position spindle index with spindle lock
  • Vibration dampening stand with adjustable feet
  • Supplied with stand, drive centre, live centre, faceplate and tool rest


  • Motor: 1.5HP 115V, 50Hz forward and reverse motor function
  • Dimensions: 43 x 11 x 19 inches
  • Speeds: 214-3600 rpm (USA/Canada) 178-3000rpm (rest of world)
  • Belt drive: Cam operated
  • Capacity between centers: 24″/600mm, can add 20″/510mm Optional Bed Accessory to make any between center length required
  • Tailstock and headstock: 2MT hollow cam action easy lock on tailstock & toolrest
  • Spindle: Spindle lock and 24 position spindle index
  • Headstock spindle thread: 1/14″ 8TPI RH or M33x3.5RH (EU)
  • Standard equipment: 1 x Motor 1.5HP AC 1 x Cast Iron Box Section Metal Stand (802mmH) 1 x 2MT Spur Drive Center 1 x 2MT Live Drive Center 1 x 3″/80mm Steel Faceplate 1 x 12″/300mm Cast Iron Toolrest Fastenings, Manual
  • Swivel head: 360° swivel and lock at any position, plus detent locating positions at 0, 22.5, 45, 90 and 315 (for left-hand turners) degrees. High accuracy and easy swivel.


  • Largely silent in operation
  • Great and exceptional design
  • A suiting power system
  • It is not difficult to assemble


  • With certain limitations it is recommended for beginners only

Wrapping Up.

Lathes are very essential tool for wood works and turnings especially when innovations are on the rise. Generally, however, lathes are very essential tools for woodturnings as it would be difficult to smoothen wood surfaces, turn, deform, finish, drill woodworks without it. The Grizzly  1624 II lathe is available on cheaper prices compared to other products with similar versatility.

The Grizzly 1624 II remains a great product to watch considering its technical strength. its innovation, available accessories, durability and functionalities stands it out. This lathe has is 50% more powerful than lathe with a 1.5 Horsepower . That it can turn both small and large diameter wood pieces keeps the lathe at the peak in the league of wood turning lathes.