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Rikon 70-1218VS Wood Lathe Review

Woodturners are constantly in search of wood-turning lathes that best suit their workspace and produce desired results. For a comfortable turning outcome, acquiring a reliable lathe machine for turning becomes every turner’s dream. The Rikon 70-1218VS Lathe was, however, designed with this dream in mind. You want to know why?

Benefits of Rikon 70-1218VS

Over the years, Rikon 70-1218VS has gained popularity among beginners and professional woodworkers alike for its distinct specifications such as its functional 3/4 horsepower. Apart from its power range, this lathe also runs at a variable speed, which increases its versatility, and makes the turning of various woodworks extra easy and convenient.

Turners want to take charge of their turnings and control the process. Hence, an electrical variable speed control is attached to make this possible. To operate, there is a broad operating speed range as operating options. This lathe is a highly functional and durable machine. It comes with a tool holder to help position the work tool appropriately and an unfailing knock-out bar.

This machine possesses essential work tools such as the spur and live centers, wrenches, and 6-inch tool rest. Interesting, right? Read on as we unfold the wonders of the Rikon 70-1218VS lathe.

What Else do I Gain from this Lathe?

The Rikon 70-1218VS lathe can perform a wide range of turnings, from those performed by the mini-lathe to the full-size lathe turnings. Like most high-end lathes, this woodturning machine has an 18-inch (457mm) distance between the center and the swing with about twelve-inch.

The lathe runs on an electronically controlled variable-speed ranging from 450 RPM to 3500 RPM. This RPM runs between three ranges of 450-1,100; 960 -2,400, and 1,400 -3,500RPM helping the turner work at the desired pace. There is also easy access to the machine belt through the headstock as well as one inched tool rest for convenience. The model has an MT-2 Head and tailstock. It has rubber feet that reduce overall vibration and keep the model stable.

The swing over tool rest base is at about 9-1/16″ (230 mm), while its swing over bed remains 12″ (305mm), qualifying it as a ‘midi’ lathe. Reading the machine speed or RPM becomes very easy since there is a digital LED RPM display attached to the body of the machine. There is also an on / Off safety switch and a spindle speed control dial attached at an easy-to-locate part of the machine.

The size of the lathe is suitable for a relatively small workspace since it has an average size of (LxWxH) being 37-3/4″ x 9-3/4″ x 16-1/4″ (960 x 247 x 413 mm). It simply means that this model is portable and has proportionate power for turning. The lathes size, features, and power combine to make it an efficient working tool for both large and small turnings. For machine security and assurance, woodturners are given a five-year warranty period after purchase attesting to their durability.

Among other tools, the Rikon 70-1218vs lathe comes along with important accessories attached to it. There is a 23-5/8″ lathe bed extension made of heavy cast iron, designed to be bolted to the right end of the Lathe. This bed extension extends the lathe’s working spindle length capacity to 41-5/8”. Also, there is a lathe stand and stand extension as part of the accompanying accessories.

Putting this model together after purchase is not difficult. This is because it comes with an assembling manual that makes the process easy. It is a rigidly designed lathe built using cast iron that prevents easy damage and wears. It is constructed solidly with exceptional accessories that combine to make woodturning a worthwhile venture. This lathe comes with a covering for its pivoting belt. This makes changing belt speed easy and stress-free.

This quality Rikon product with model code 70-1218 is designed with a total weight of about 70 pounds and a total voltage of 120v, 60Hz.  The product has a base size of 30-inch x 7-3/8 inch, which combines to make a turning experience for beginners and professionals worthwhile.


  • This model runs on a variable speed between 450-3500 RPM in three distinct speed ranges
  • It has a pivoting belt cover that makes changing easy
  • The model comes with digital speed control for RPM reading
  • Its 3/4 HP DC Motor gives life to the machine for turning
  • It is designed to be stable with vibration-reducing rubber feet

Tech Specs

  • Motor: 3/4 HP, DC, 4.5 Amp, 120V/60 Hz
  • RPM: 2,500
  • Direction: Forward
  • Number of Speeds: 3 RPM
  • Ranges: 450-1,100, 960-2,400, 1,400-3,500
  • Swing Over Bed: 12″
  • Swing Over Tool Rest: 9-1/16″
  • Working Distance between Centers: 18″
  • Tool Rest Post Diameter: 1″
  • Spindle Nose: 1″ x 8TPI
  • Headstock/Tailstock Taper: MT2
  • Ram Travel: 2″
  • Overall Dimensions: 37-3/4” L x 9-3/4″ W x 16-1/4″ H
  • Base Size: 30″ x 7-3/8″
  • Shipping Weight: 77 lbs.


  • It is 12-inch x 18 inch in size
  • This lathe model runs on a 3/4 horsepower motor
  • Amps 4.5
  • Spindle nose 1-inch x 8
  • Ram travel 2 inch
  • The Rikon 70-1218vs has an MT2 tail and Headstock Taper
  • This model is designed with its LxBxH being 37-3/4, 9-3/4, and 16-1/4 inch, respectively.
  • The model has a tool rest post diameter of 1 inch
  • It has a 12-inch swing over the bed and a 9-1/16-inch swing over tool rest.
  • The Rikon 70-1218 has a total dimension of 33.5 x 19 x 13 inches
  • It has a total of 18-inch working distances between centers.


  • Built with high-quality materials
  • Capable of controlling speed through the speed control knob is an advantage.
  • Can rotate both backward and forward makes turning convenient.
  • It is designed to be beginner-friendly.
  • This lathe has a heavy-duty motor and can turn numerous works.
  • This model can switch to a different speed while in use since it has a variable speed option.
  • Rikon 70-1218 is versatile and efficient.
  • It is long-lasting.


  • It is a bit pricey
  • It is weighty and can be difficult to carry around

The Bottom Line.

Woodworkers are in constant search of user-friendly lathes machines to work with. This search has been difficult because there are numerous options available in the industry. However, this model should be considered a must-buy for all users. This is because it comes with high-tech features to meet the turning needs of woodworkers. It is convenient, simple, durable, and versatile while having a long-lasting power motor. Although the Rikon 70-1218VS is relatively expensive, it meets the worth of the price.