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What Is A Full-Size Lathe?

For every woodturning work, lathes are a much-needed and essential tool that enables ease of design on any wood you work on. Lathes come in different types and sizes, such as mini, midi, and full-sized lathes. However, their functioning and area of use differ.

All these lathes work exceptionally for both beginners and experienced users. But, if you are looking for a more-advanced functioning lathe tool, it is best to go for a full-sized lathe. A full-sized lathe fits perfectly in a large workspace and works exceptionally as an industrial tool. Are you considering getting a full-sized lathe? In this article, we focus extensively on the qualities of a full-size lathe.

Why Should I Buy A Full-Sized Lathe?

Every lathe comes with the same accessories that make them work alike, although their quality and size vary. But various factors determine the need of every lathe. Most woodturners would rather get a small-sized lathe from the on-set because it fits the object they will be turning at that time.

Yes, getting the right size for your turning needs is necessary. But, did you know that buying a full-sized lathe instead of an economic one would save you money and the stress of buying a new one? This is because projects differ, and you may likely have to work on larger wood pieces in the long run. Moreover, there is every tendency that after getting a small lathe, you may have to buy a larger one when working on a large workpiece. If this happens when you have a small lathe, it becomes difficult to turn larger stocks. We have also reviewed the best full size wood lathes for your viewing pleasure!

Also, a full-sized lathe makes it easy for any user to learn the tricks and ropes of woodturning art. Although the various types of lathes are tailored for different expertise, this machine is user-friendly. So, whether you are a beginner turner or an experienced user, this tool will work perfectly for you.

What Distinguishes A Full-Sized Lathe from Other Lathes?

Over the years, technological advancements have made it possible for improved features in most woodturning tools, and the full-sized wood lathe is a perfect example of this. With this improvement, you get to enjoy many features not available in mini nor midi machines. Some of its amazing attributes include:

·      The Machine Build

The full-sized wood machine has a heavy build that can accommodate heavy-duty works. Unlike the mini and midi lathe that may not have a strong force for stabilizing the machine when vibrating, the full-sized lathes come with a cast iron to improve stability. This is because its speed capacity is high. Hence, during operation, the machine experiences increased vibration, most especially when roughing out the stock.

One thing most people do not know is that the bigger a lathe, the heavier it becomes and a full-size lather is big.  But, with this cast iron and large size, challenges with balancing your device are assured. This quality makes it easy to perfectly turn and cut through your huge wood to create unique designs.

·      Height

Another unique characteristic of the full-size lathe is its encompassing height. Most models come with an unbalanced height that makes it difficult to work. But, this is not so with the full-size lathe. This machine comes with a length that corresponds with the elbow to ensure that you do not struggle with cutting your wood piece.

·      Motor Power and Speed

Although the midi and mini lathes have relatively functional motors, a full-sized lathe comes with improved power to help work on larger projects. This lathe has a speed of about 300 to 500 RPM, which makes it a powerful woodturning tool. With this speed, you can spin a large number of woods in the shortest time possible. What this suggests is that the more powerful your motor, the more you get efficient and satisfying results.

Moreover, working on different projects requires different speed levels. This type of woodturning tool variable speed makes it possible to turn at varying speeds.

·      Swing and Spindle

This feature allows for larger projects. Every big project demands larger tools. and this lathe caters to this need. It can turn a large piece of wood of about 300lbs thanks to its attached accessory like the swing and spindle.

·      The Headstock

One unique attribute of this tool is that it has a headstock that can help you work on tough wood. The headstock does this by increasing its rotating degree to be far from the bed base. Another thing that distinguishes this feature is that even while working with large objects, you can still reach the tool rest without difficulty.

·      Tool Rest

For every working appliance, there is every possibility to harm the body. The full-size lathe is no exception. However, with a built-in accessory like the tool rest, you keep yourself and others safe while offering support to the wood piece. But, to ensure safety, it demands that you fix two different tool rest on the lathe to allow for wider working space.

·      The Tailstock

This part of the lathe has the structure of a pin. It ensures that your workpiece is accurately placed on a spot when turning wood to ensure precision. To work with this feature, all you need to do is pin both the bed base and tailstock.

Apart from all these, this woodturning tool has an enhanced durability level that gives it long shelf life. The materials used in its construction are more functional and durable than other lathes. This is why a lathe like this is expensive.


Lathes are diverse in their use, most especially the full-size lathe. Unlike other lathes, the full-size lathe is capable of performing any task with its numerous accessories that enable ease of use. With its variable speed, high functioning motor power, and outstanding build, the machine outfits all other lathe types. Moreover, it comes with a functional headstock for increased rotation, a tailstock for precision, and a tool rest balance. For every professional turner, this lathe should be a must-have.