What is a woodturning smock?

What is a woodturning smock?


A woodturners smock or even other words a woodturners jacket is a protective piece of clothing that is designed for woodturners, the jacket is specifically designed for woodturning. The whole design of the garment is based around the art of woodturning making it the most crucial piece of clothing to wear.

The woodturners smock features a long-form design which protects the clothes underneath from getting messy from excess wood shavings and debris, the neck of the smock normally features a tight fit which blocks any debris from going underneath the jacket – this then allows you to never have any interruptions during the woodturning. 

Most of the woodturning smocks normally feature large double pockets to house pencils and small tools so you have somewhere to put the tools you are not using. 


What is a woodturning smock?


As you can see from the image above the woodturners smock keeps you very clean and tidy during the woodturning process and would highly recommend to any beginner to purchase one, if you are looking for the best woodturning jackets then click the link.



The woodturners smock is designed to keep you safe during woodturning – as you can image the lathe is spinning a very fast speed and if there was any piece of your clothing to get caught by this machine this would cause serious harm to yourself. The Woodturners smock usually boasts a velcro cuff on the sleeve so you can create a very tight seal around the wrist, this then allows no excess clothing to be anywhere near the machine.


Will I get too hot?

Most of the woodturning jackets have a breathable poly-cotton blend so even when you are generating heat with a long woodturning session this will allow cool air to flow under the jacket. Some of the woodturning jackets on offer allow a button-up design which allows even more air to flow around the body,  so if you think you are a person who runs quite hot then have a look at those designs.

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